The most attentive people, but also those who occasionally go to traditional fairs and city centres, won’t have failed to notice the growing trend for small artisan shops and stalls, so the spread of ways to consume food not just where it is produced, but in the street or sitting down wherever it is most comfortable. So today we are talking about a very important issue to ensure the best possible experience with Street Food with, specifically:

  • What we mean by Street Food;
  • How to package takeaway food.

What we mean by Street Food

Even though food to eat on the street and with your hands isn’t by any means a novelty – cutlery as we know it today only appeared with the bourgeoisie just over four hundred years ago, for reasons of hygiene – the term Finger Food can be dated to as recently as 2002, where people started talking about it at the Expogast event in Salzburg.

The new pace of people’s lives, the way time and city spaces are structured, together with the eco-nomic crisis, have generated – almost spontaneously as often happens – the need for solutions which are easy to consume (in a short time), inexpensive (no additional surcharge for service), and have the right volume (managing portion sizes according to how hungry you are). That explains the appearance of Street Food, so options that allow you to eat when you want, where you want and what you want. As Bauman would have said, the maximum liquidity of choice of action in relation to food.

How to package takeaway food

So it basically means easy transport and eating without using cutlery, or fixed positions where you can put your plate down, and most of all, finding a way to maintain the heat and the uniformity of a dish, despite movement. It is also essential in all this to not end up getting unappealing stains on our clothes as we walk (everybody’s had that happen to them at least once).

So make way for integrated solutions in which, as well as containers, a serviette or a temporary tray is also provided to make eating easier (for example Bombonette’s Voilà food container), and bags made with lightly waxed/waterproof paper to stop sauces from softening the packaging and seeping out. Very much appreciated are the foldable trays with handles for transport, which – as well as providing ease of use – also mean that heat can be maintained for longer.

The solutions available are really infinite, so if you are looking for one, go to and find out about all the customisable services available!