The Colomba is the symbol of Italian Easter, especially when it comes to pastries. Its origins are the subject of heated debates, with Northern and Southern Italy elbowing each other to be acknowledged as the original inventors. But before we talk about colombas, Colomba boxes and Easter packages, perfect to present the product, let us have a look at what we will see in this article:

  •  Colomba: the story of one Italy’s most beloved sweets;
  •  Easter packaging: how to pick the most suitable one.

Colomba: the story of one of Italy’s most beloved sweets

All bakers are aware that making a colomba requires lots of patience and attention, which is why it is a difficult pastry to make, by professionals and amateurs alike, without making the most common mistakes. A delicate creation that requires a certain level of mastery. But let us learn more about its controversial origins: some say the original recipe is attributed to Motta, who in the early 20th century was already a leading producer of panettone, decided to create a sweet similar to panettone but with a different shape. Another traditional tale says the recipe was born in Sicily, under the name “Pastaforte”. The colomba takes 12 hours to make. If we truly want to follow the traditional recipe, we must use sourdough starter, which, as we well know, is even harder to manage than regular yeast. In any case, a good aesthetic result undoubtedly depends on how the colomba is presented.

Easter packaging: how to pick the most suitable one

Choosing the most suitable colomba box to make your creation stand out requires a few little tricks, first and foremost its proper conservation in the event of transportation. This is why we always suggest a box for sweets that is robust and solid, without neglecting the necessary touch of aesthetic pleasantness needed to add value to the product. A Colombette, for instance, is the perfect solution if you are looking for a modern touch that is out of the box, while the Classic Colomba Box, with its unmistakable hat box shape with a vintage look, is an ideal choice if you want to surprise while sticking to tradition. Regardless of personal taste, the impact you wish to create plays an important role, and thanks to the possibility of customising the product your choice will look even more sophisticated and surprising.