According to a recent survey, 65% of Italians declare themselves to have a sweet tooth, especially when it comes to chocolate. In the list of most beloved chocolate treats, chocolate bonbons come right after the unsurmountable chocolate and hazelnut cream that everyone knows and loves. In this article, we will see:

  • Chocolate bonbons: history and most common types;
  • Boxes for chocolate bonbons: how to select the most suitable types

Chocolate bonbons: history and most common types

The first chocolate bonbon is said to have been invented in Turin, a city famous for its sweets and its chocolate creations. This is not surprising, considering that chocolate first arrived in Italy through this city, brought by Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy, who celebrated the moving of the Ducal capital from Chambéry to Turin in 1560 by giving out to local citizens their first cups of steaming hot chocolate, a typical French delicacy after cocoa began to be imported from the New World. This is where the boundless love for this food began, later using it as ingredient in countless creations. Among the most famous and popular are Gianduiotti, Baci Perugina, Ferrero Rocher, chocolate truffles, and Cremini.

Boxes for chocolate bonbons: how to choose the most suitable type

As we all know, chocolate and its consumption are closely related to seasonality: as high temperatures cause irreparable changes to chocolate, lowering its quality and causing it to lose its shape, it is usually consumed when outdoor temperatures are low enough to allow for its proper conservation. Chocolate bonbons, in particular, may need different solutions according to their target public and transportation needs. These range from single wrappings, typical of those sold per unit, to the classic box of chocolates, with dividing parts inside, and hard or transparent lids. Artisan pastries are often not “just” chocolate bonbons, but elaborate creations that, in addition to the obviously excellent quality of ingredients, also have an aesthetic component to them that is equally important. This component must be promoted, especially when the product is displayed at trade shows or when it is intended as a gift, which is why one of the most popular solutions in recent times are special boxes with see-through lid, to allow clients to see the chocolate creations while preserving them properly, keeping the bonbons from getting jumbled in the box.

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