Some people say that “one box is as good as another”, but when it is a case of the presentation of your product, that’s not how it works, especially if we are talking about food and delicate haute patisserie creations. That is why choosing a product – and a trustworthy supplier – can make the difference.

  • One cake box is NOT the same as any other;
  • Why you should choose a Bombonette.

One cake box is NOT the same as any other

How many times have we found ourselves wondering whether we could cut down on costs which are not central to the product including packaging, to save a few eurocents. That usually turns out to be a very serious error, and leads to finding ourselves with a pile of unusable materi-al to dispose of: the carton absorbs too much liquid, the closures don’t fit perfectly, the carton ex-pands or contaminates the food – invisibly – because of the chemical treatments present on sur-faces. Unfortunately, the fact is that, especially when buying online, you only realise what the quality of the material is once you have bought it, unless it is backed by a good name and significant, recognised professionalism. And that is already a good reason to choose Bombonette.

Why choose a Bombonette

When you choose a Bombonette, you don’t just choose a cake box, but real style and quality at the level of your product:

  1. Bombonette was the first to patent the famous butterfly clasps;
  2. There is a very wide range of customisation options;
  3. We can do offset printing, an innovative system which means you can even print with UV paint;
  4. It is an eco-friendly product: it is made with natural glues, which can be recycled and are 100% biodegradable;
  5. The colouring doesn’t use synthetic or chemical substances;
  6. Whenever you buy something you are supported by a sales consultant who helps you to choose the best solution;
  7. Delivery is guaranteed in a very short timeframe (72 hours), even in small amounts;
  8. You are assisted in setting up the material with the help of the practical videoguides which are available online;
  9. Customer Service is quick and efficient in supporting you and finding solutions for your needs;
  10. Because Bombonette is unique and original!