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General terms of service

Website, domains, sub-domains of the website (henceforth “The Website”), are exclusive property of Bombonette s.r.l., with legal and operational office in: Via Panaria Est 35/E – 41031 Camposanto (MO) – Italia (P. IVA e C.F.: 04178880375), henceforth “Bombonette”.

The Website is not updated on a regular and periodic basis, therefore it shall not be registered as editorial product according to law n°47/1948.

Acceptance of the terms

These General Terms of Service include the terms and conditions which governs the utilization of the services offered by Bombonette. By accepting these conditions during the registration on the Website, and by using the Website itself, the User agrees to respect the Terms of the Website.

Modification of the Terms

The terms of service may be modified at any time and at discretion of the owners, shall they deem it necessary due to technical or legal reasons.

Without prejudice to any judicial remedy for breach of contract obligations or for non-compliance with applicable rules, Bombonette reserves the right to send notices to the User, to suspend the users temporarily or permanently, by blocking the provision of some or all of its services, in the event of:

  1. Violation of these General Terms;
  2. Impossibility to verify the information submitted during registration or during the use of the service;
  3. Activities that may result in economical damages or that may attribute legal responsibility to the Website or to other Users
  4. Safety reasons or preventing unauthorized access to the Website;
  5. Whole or partial termination of the services.

Use of the Website

The User explicitly agrees and guarantees that their use of the Website and of the provided services shall comply to the General terms of service, without violation of the right of any other subject, and it shall not constitute breach of a contractual obligation or a legal obligation to a third party, nor a violation to applicable laws. Moreover the User agrees to hold harmless Bombonette from any liability which shall result from a use of the Website which does not conform to these Terms.

The User shall be able to register to the website with personal names or company names, as well as with invented nicknames, as long as they are authorized to use the name or the dominion without violating any intellectual property law. By registering to the Website, the User hold harmless Bombonette from any liability which shall result from a use of personal names, domain names or brand names which does not comply to applicable laws.

The User is expressly forbidden to:

  • Use the Website in such a way as to damage, take out of service, overload or any way adversely affect the functioning of the Website itself or of its network/s;
  • Put in place any action that may interfere or impend the use of the Website from third parties;
  • Try to illicitly gain access to the Website or to information and/or Users data and/or computers and networks connected to the Website itself.

Bombonette reserves the faculty of removing at his own discretion any content that shall be deemed:

  • illicit, defamatory, racist or libelous;
  • inciting violence or hatred;
  • harmful to individuals, institutions or religions;
  • harmful to the privacy of others;
  • harmful to minors;
  • harmful to brand names, patents and copyrights;
  • containing personal data of third parties;
  • promoting commercial activities.

In the even of a suspension, with temporary or indefinite duration, the User shall not be able to register with the same credential associated with the suspended account.

Content ownership

Unless otherwise stated, the Website, its graphic and all of the texts, pictures, brands, logos and contents are owned by Bombonette, all rights reserved..
Bombonette,, the logo and all the other brands on the Website are registered trademarks or in any case owned by Bombonette or by third parties which explicitly authorized the use of the brand. No content of the Website shall be interpreted as a guarantee, implied or otherwise, or as a license or a right to use the brands without preventive written authorization from Bombonette or from the owner of the brand.

These rights are protected by law and by the international treaties on intellectual property, thus it is forbidden, as well as civilly and criminally prosecuted, any form of reproduction and redistribution, total or partial, of the graphic, layout and content of the Website without preventive written permission from Bombonette.

The contents of any nature (texts, pictures, videos, etc) provided by the User are exclusively owned by the User and/or by the third party from which the authorization for the use has been acquired. By sending said contents, the User gives the Website the right to use, publish, divulge, duplicate, transmit, display and publicly perform the contents.

The User declares and guarantees that, by sending the contents and/or giving the Website the right to use them, no intellectual or industrial property and/or publicity or privacy right and/or right to secrecy of any third party shall be violated. Moreover, the User declares and guarantees that he has acquired the necessary permission and consent from any relevant third party, that he has paid the expenses due by law or contract to third parties, and that no right of any third party prevents the reception and use of the contents by the Website according to the General terms.

Consequently, the User shall hold harmless Bombonette from any claim, damage, loss, cost or expense (including the costs for legal assistance and those resulting from any judicial sentence against the Website subsequent to the non-compliance of the User to the present paragraph).

Disclaimer of warranty and limitation of liability

Within the limits of the law and without prejudice to the rights of the customers, Bombonette makes no warranty with respect to suitability of the content of the Website to any purpose, unless stated otherwise with respect to the fee-based services.
Furthermore, Bombonette does not guarantee the accuracy or the exclusivity of the content of the Website, particularly the contents personally submitted by the Users.

The Users uses the Website under his own responsibility, therefore Bombonette – except for the fee-based services and within the limits of the scope of the service itself – shall not be deemed liable, contractually or non-contractually, for losses or damages resulting from the use of the Website, including, without limitations, any damage (direct, indirect, punitive, consequential, etc) and any loss (of revenue, profits, goodwill, information, business contracts, money), and also any loss or damage resulting from business termination determined by the use or the inability to use the Website, or from the consequences of the use of the Website.

International Users

Bombonette does not guarantee the correctness of the information present on the Website and, in particular, the availability of the contents in the same external appearance, format and at the same conditions outside of Italy. The User resident in a country other than Italy, who visits and uses the Website, shall respect all the applicable laws concerning the transmission of data and contents of the Website, and shall be deemed liable according to the law of the country of their residence.

External Websites

The Website contains links and banners to third party websites, which are not under the control of Bombonette, and is not liable for the contents of said websites or for the services they provide. The Website provides such links and banners without implying endorsement or affiliation with the linked website. Linked websites belong to third parties whom manage them autonomously, thus Bombonette cannot ensure that the User shall be satisfied of their products or services or business methods.

The User shall therefore perform all the verification they shall deem necessary and appropriate before starting any transaction with these subjects. Through this external websites is performed the Google Analytics remarketing for promotional matters, and the third party suppliers uses both first party cookies and third party cookies to inform, optimize and post announces based on the previous visits of a user to our website.

Cookie policy

In order to make sure that the Website works efficiently, sometimes we install some small data files called “cookies” on your device. The majority of the biggest websites does the same.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file which is saved on your computer or device by some websites while you are navigating them. Using the cookies, the website remembers your activities or preferences (e.g. log-in, language, character size, and other display settings), so that you do not have to re-enter them every time you visit the website again or you navigate from page to page.

Which cookies do we use and how?

Name Type Purpose and description of the cookies
Joomla Cookie Navigation cookie The cookies only recognize the logged-in users in order to allow the navigation inside the reserved areas.
Performance Cookie Navigation cookie The cookies save information on inline style sheets in order to speed-up the subsequent visits of the User thus offering a faster and less expensive navigation.
Google Analytics Third-party cookie Bombonette uses this web analysis service provided by Google Inc. in order to obtain aggregate statistical data which allows to evaluate the use of the website and the activities performed by the visitor. Google stores the data gathered by the cookie on server that may also be dislocated in the United States. Google reserves the right to transfer the information gathered by his cookie to third parties, if required by law or if the third party processes information on its behalf. Google shall not associate your IP address to any other data in its possession in order to obtain a more detailed user profile. Additional information on privacy management and/or on how to deny or delete this kind of cookie are available at this URL:
The User can disable the action of Google Analytics selectively by installing on his browser the opt-out tool provided by Google. To disable the data gathering of Google Analytics, go to the following link:
Embedded contents Third-party cookie Sometimes, on a non-steady basis, Bombonette uses videos from Youtube and Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ contents and, more generally, if appropriate, embeddable contents from other sources. Bombonette cannot control the cookies provided by these third party websites, thus it is recommended to seek further information directly from each third party, in order to better control these cookies. Here are some useful links to the cookie policies of the aforementioned third parties:

DoubleClick  Cookie di terze parti In order to display the banners present in the pages, Bombonette makes use of the third party service DoubleClick. We make a basic use of the service, thus without any kind of behavioral analysis. For further information on said cookies, go to the following link
Goole Fonts Third-party cookie Bombonette uses fonts provided by the Google Fonts service in some parts of the website. Here is the link for additional information on said cookies
Facebook Remarketing (Facebook Inc.) Third-party cookie Bombonette uses Facebook Remarketing in some pages and on a non-steady basis, in order to realize some promotional campaigns. Facebook Remarketing is a Remarketing and Behavioral Targeting service provided by Facebook Inc., which associate the activity of this online space with Facebook’s advertising network. To opt-out, visit the link – Link for the policy

How to control cookies?

You can check or verify cookies as you please – to know more, visit You can delete the cookies already present on your computer and set your browser in order to block their installation. If you choose this option, you shall manually change some preferences every time you visit the website and some of its services and features may not be available.